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Two Louies magazine, a monthly publication, was founded in 1979 by J Munger with the intent to give greater recognition to Oregon musicians and their music. For 25 years, Two Louies maintained that mission, providing the Portland area with incisive coverage of the vibrant, vital, ever-changing local music scene. Two Louies discontinued publication in 2005 after producing more than three hundred issues. In 2007, Buko Magazine sprung from the ashes of Two Louies, to carry on the tradition of supporting the local music community.

Chief Two Louies staff members, writer SP Clarke and photographer Buko, have created the Two Louies Magazine website to preserve the information documented in those thousands of pages. Currently, there are PDF files of back issues of Two Louies. Buko’s photos are archived. In addition, SP Clarke’s History of Portland Rock, which was serialized in Two Louies in 2000, appears here. And over one thousand of SP Clarke’s local album reviews for his Good, the Bad and the Ugly column, going back to 1994, are now posted as well. More will be added over time.

The Two Louies magazine website is dedicated to the tens of thousands of musicians who have played for Portland audiences over the years, in hopes of giving to them the lasting recognition they so richly deserve.

you can contact SP Clarke here

you can contact Buko here

5 comments on “About Us

  1. I am writing to you as a touring musician and lady on her own travels coming to play in Portland for the first time. I will be playing at Dante’s Portland next Monday at 8.30 PM. I play funky folk-rock and I hail from Oslo.

    Previously I have played at venues such as the Water Rats (Bob Dylan, Oasis) & The 12 Bar Club (The Libertines, Regina Spektor) in London, The Zanzibar Club (Noel Gallagher, Miles Kane) in Liverpool and most recently The Whisky a gogo (The Doors, Janis Joplin ) in Los Angeles.

    You can find me here:

    Annie Woodward

  2. I recently recently rediscovered an old recording (cassette tape) of Tao Jones/interview and performance on KBOO and am wondering if there’s anyone else out there who might have any more recordings of them. Though they were short lived, they were awesome and meant a great deal to me and many of my friends. If you have any resources, please help.
    Thanks, Jon

  3. I am a Freeway groupie – followed them around in the 70s and think that Mark J is one of the best musicians around.

    There were other bands that I do not recall their names but knew the drummer from one *he was really great) – Brian Beaudry and singer Galadrial (yes crazy name but great voice).

    I miss all of that live band listening – is there a list of the local bands from that era?

    There was a great bar up in Lake Oswego, so much fun, so many great memories.

    Keep reporting, great to read.

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