GBU 1995

Scan 5December  1995
Live From Mt. Tabor, Torcher, Henry Moon, Jolly Mon, McKinley



ScanNovember  1995
Dead Moon, On A Llama, Ozone Park, Village Idiot,Too Slim and the Taildraggers, Verla, 8-ft Tender, Slake, Phamous Phaces



Scan 1October 1995
Haymaker, Higher Ground, Ragin’ Woodies, The Willies, Calobo, The Mavens



Scan 2September  1995
On A Llama, Hitting Birth, Monica Nelson, Messinger, New Wave Motorcycle Man, Beldam’s Lure, The Furleys


Scan 3August  1995
Rubberneck, Scribble, Lavamatic, Thrillbilly, Springtooth, Blugene Rayburn



Scan 4July  1995
Gravelpit, Loud Sistah, Raging Woodies, Henry Moon, Sweet House, Mech, 90 Proof



Scan 6June  1995
Alphabitch, Willies, Lionel Hutz, Backseat Loser, Prairie Dogs, Bird Dog, Weaklings, Ray Gunn, Matt McCourt and the Vultures


Scan 7May  1995
Jerry Joseph, Dandy Warhols, Virginia Davis, Sylvia’s Ghost, Les Wilson, Richmond Fontaine, Hands Of Fate


Scan 8April  1995
Hummingfish, Terry Robb, Duffy Bishop, Alphabitch, Bird Dog, Porcelain God, The Impalas, Hands Of Fate, Tim Otto


Scan 9March  1995
Doris Daze, Cheralee Dillon, Hatful Of Rain, Treefrogs, Carve My Name, Pagan Jug Band, Bazza


Scan 10February  1995
Picklehead, Renegade Saints, Violets, Gravelpit



Scan 11January  1995
Sweaty Nipples, Five Fingers Of Funk, Canaries, Alphabitch, Daisy

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