GBU 1993

Scan 1December  1993
Live At the Laurelthirst, The Violets, Shine, Aggro Batch, Way Past Tense, Native Suns


ScanNovember  1993
Completely Grocery, Oswald Five-O, Hitting Birth, Dead Moon, Silicone Jones, Rubberneck, Baby Leroy, T.K. Hardin and the Eastside Lawmen, That’s That

ScanOctober 1993
The Oblivious, Jolly Mon, Gravelpit, The Charms, The Shivers, Lew Jones, Falls Road, Voodoo Dolls. Spotlight: Phantasmagoria


Scan 2September  1993
Spotlight: An Overview of the Underground



Scan 1August  1993
Everclear, Adickdid, The Shims, Satyricon Compilation (Live Recording Produced by Dean Fletcher)



ScanJuly  1993
New Bad Things, Northwest Ungrunge Compilation, Crackerbash



Scan 1June  1993
Whirlees, Roger Nusic, Monde La Bella, Anzio Bridgehead, Picklehead, Pop Theology



ScanMay  1993
Poison Idea, M-99, Everclear, Pop Theology, Bookhouse Boys, Haymaker, Attractive Newsy Sidebar



April 93April  1993
Elaine Summers, Pop Theology, Susan Martin, Bubba, Haunted Homes, Mirage, Endlessly Rocking: Interview with Lindsey Buckingham



March 93March  1993
Pond, Ray, HCE, Margo Tufo, Attractive Newsy Sidebar




ScanFebruary  1993
Big Daddy Meatstraw, Poison Idea, Neros Rome, Craig Carothers, Hatful of Rain, The Lansings, Door Number Three, Furniture



Scan 1January  1993
Tales Untold, Bombshack, Dub Squad, Loyd Ruby, Frankie Machine


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