GBU 1992

Dec 1992December  1992
Renegade Saints, King Trout, Gravelpit, The Ultronz, Michael Harrison, Smiling Man



Nov 92November  1992
I-5 Killers II, Hazel, The Willies, Village Idiot



Oct. 92October 1992
Motorgoat, Silcone Jones, Boogie Patrol Xpress, The Clergy, Justin Stark, Lew Jones



Sept 92September  1992
Now William, Quality Pie, Sons of Cain, Heatmiser, Jolly Mon, Hungry Crocodiles, Evil Twin Brother



Aug 92August  1992
puddleSTOMP Compilation, Black Happy, Sad Happy, The Waiting, Bop Girl Goes Calypso, Jamie Hayes Band



July 92July  1992
Big Daddy Meatstraw, Ed and the Boats, Tao Jones,  Duane Jarvis, Here Comes Everybody



June 92June  1992
Crazy 8’s, Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, Miss May, Alf Rider Wolff, Beating the Odds: An Interview with Duane Jarvis



May 92May  1992
Orphans Reason, Madhatter, GhostTrance, Monica Nelson, In June, Backbone




April 92April  1992
The Bums Rush:
Review of the Dharma Bums’ Welcome




Mar 92March  1992
Love On Ice, Sugarboom, Howling World, Lew Jones, Jamey Wood, Voodoo Dolls, Tammany Hall, Storm the Park



Feb 92February  1992
The Whirlees, Caustic Soda, Young Turks, Gavin Hansen’s Alive and Well, Pop Theology, Agent X35



Jan 92January  1992
Blubinos, Mystery Train, Caveman Shoestore, Completely Grocery, Madhatter, Slimbuddha


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