GBU 1994

Dec 94December  1994
Tree Frogs, Land Of The Blind, Gern Blanston, Craig Carothers Trio, Shock, Monti Amundson And The Blubinos, Year End Club Roundup


Nov 94November  1994
Chris Newman, Mckinley, Satan’s Pilgrims, Dimbulb, Terry Lee Hale, Iceberg Slim, The Shaven, Naked Violence/Dickfinger


Oct 94October 1994
Hazel, Floater, Ten Pound Rain, Dead Moon, Iommi Stubbs,  Dan Haley, Tim Otto



Sept 94September  1994
Cheralee Dillon, The Shivers, Here Comes Everybody, Skinhorse, Inchwater, Silicone Jones



Aug 94August  1994
Tao Jones, Evil Twin, Skip Loader, Pilot, Jimmies, Shaven



July 94July  1994
25 Years Of Sisters Of The Road, Molly Cliff, Hatful Of Rain, Fall From Grace, Furnace, Lickdestatic



June 1994June  1994
1-5 Killers III, Crackpots, 30 Ought Six, Doris Daze, Julie Jones, Lew Jones, Close Up: Kaitlyn ni Donovan


May 94May  1994
Forehead, Kpants, Spoon, Glowing Corn, Dutchboy Fingers, Pup Tent



APR 1994April  1994
Nero’s Rome, Dead Moon, Springtooth, Cyberet PDX, Higher Ground, Elgin, Funk Knot, Verla’s Trace, 15 Year Anniversary Review, Tribute to Sheilagh


Scan 4March  1994
The Clergy, Anzio Bridgehead, Tales Untold, International Anthem, Haymaker, Kaitlyn ni Donovan


Scan 3February  1994
A Benefit For Sisters of the Road Cafe, Tao Jones, The Five Fingers of Funk, Tales Untold, Bookhouse Boys, Big Daddy Meatstraw, Deborah Lee


Scan 2January  1994
Drunk at Abi’s, Picklehead, Lloyd Ruby, 1993 Portland Waterfront Blues Festival, Caryl Mack, Vern Collins & Cross Country

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