The History of Portland Rock

by SP Clarke.

An ongoing living chronicle of the Portland rock music scene circa approx. 1963 through 2000. This is posted here as a resource to show the rich musical history of Portland during the ’80s and ’90s. We are in the process of updating the History to make it current. And we are in negotiations to have the book published in hard-copy format, once the update is completed.

Part One: Introduction

Part Two: The Early Eighties

Part Three: The Mid Eighties

Part Four: The Mid Eighties (continued)

Part Five: The Late Eighties

Part Six: The Late Eighties (continued)

Part Seven: The Early Ninties

Part Eight: The Early Ninties (continued)

Part Nine: The Mid Ninties

Part Ten: the Late Ninties

If you have any comments or information about the history to make it more accurate please post under the appropriate chapter.