GBU 1997

Dec 1997December  1997
Billy Rancher NY&LA, Too Slim And The Taildraggers, Kerosene Dream, 44 Long, Joy Pop Turbo



Nov 1997November  1997
Linda Hornbuckle, Luther Russell, Love Lode, Weevils,  The Rotating Leslies



Oct 1997October 1997
Everclear, Generator, Village Idiot, Reckless Kelly, Phamous Phaces



Sept 1997September  1997
On A Llama, Jackson Pollack 5, Sheila Wilcoxin, Swoon 23, Lew Jones, The Shandies



Aug 1997August  1997
Gravelpit, Iron John, Billy Rancher Boom Chuck, Paul Jones, Jim Mesi Band



July 1997July  1997
Dandy Warhols, Doris Daze, Jackmormaons, Love Nancy Sugar, Furleys



June 1997June  1997
Little Sue, 17 Reasons Why, Delinquents, Henry’s Child, Noisecandy, Rukus, Kristy Hinds



May 1997May  1997
Meredith Brooks, Miss Red Flowers, Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, Calobo, Sylvia’s Ghost, Salgado & Robb



Apr 1997April  1997
Jesus Presley, Used To Be, Elliot Smith, Worthington, Mondo Drive-In, Majestic 12



Mar 1997March  1997
Fernando, Petal, Village Idiot, Sweet House, Pop Theology



Feb 1997February  1997
Subject To Change, Beater, Joy Pop Turbo, Love Nance Sugar, The Daylights, Voodoo Tuna



Jan 1997January  1997
Plaid Pantry Project, Red Footed Genius, Kerosene Dream, Silkenseed, Nightnoise, Craig Carothers, Terry Robb, Duoglide