December  2001
Julie Larson, Bobby Birdman, Amy Anelle, The Sugar Beets

November  2001
Here Comes Everybody, Bingo, Blanket Music/Noise For Pretend, Cool Nutz, Doug Smith & Mark Hanson

October 2001
The Wipers, TV:616, Fernando, Morgan Grace

September  2001
Dahlia, Sunset Valley, Spigot, Billy Kennedy, Colorfield, Rollerball

August  2001
Capt. Jeffrey Pumpernickel, The Bella Fayes, Here Comes Everybody, Love Nancy Sugar, The Superficials, Demi-Dryer, Say Uncle

July  2001
X-Angels, Stephanie Schneiderman, Duane Jarvis, Sally Tomato

June  2001

May  2001
Baseboar Heaters, A.C. Cotton, Nine Volt Mile, Jonah

April  2001
Stephen Malkmus, Richmond Fontaine, Nicole Campbell, Sugarboom, 4th plane Jaiant, Red Sector

March  2001
Helio Sequence, Pale Green Pants, Lily Wilde, The Freemartins

February  2001
John Shipe Trio, Mark Spangler, Five Fingers Of Funk, Betty Already, Acoustic Guitar Summit

January  2001
Everclear, Jerry Joseph, Jesus Presley,  Caleb Clauder,  Jessie Rae, James Shook And The Resolutions

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