GBU 1998

1298December  1998
Nicole Campbell, Joy Pop Turbo, Pedro Luz, Rotating Leslies, Jesus Presley Christmas



1198November  1998
X-Angels,  10 Dollar Mic, Chunk, Steve Hettum, A Taste Of The Blue Rose



1098October 1998
Thrillbilly, Mst And The A-List, Robert Rude Band, Harrison



998September  1998
Bingo, Mel Kubik, Worthington, Nine Volt Mile, Blue Lips



898August  1998
Live At Laurelthirst 2, Floater, Brothers Of The Baladi, Lenny Rancher, American Girls



798July  1998
Silkenseed, Henry Moon, Blue Honey, Unspun



698June  1998
Ashleigh Flynn, DV Clark, Batz, Bob



598May  1998
From Portland With Love, Grindstone, Sky Blue Mind, Jesse Samsel



498April  1998
Rubberneck, Fernando, Pedro Luz, Flatland, Arana, Maureen Andrews



398March  1998
Duane Jarvis, Redfooted Genius, Brainwashers, Fuse



298February  1998
Karling Abbey Gate, Countrypolitans, Lew Jones, Scenic Overdrive, Finn



198January  1998
Higher Ground, Ken Derouchie Band, Hce, Dead Moon, Dan Reed Network

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