GBU 1996

Dec 1996December  1996
Treefrogs, Bombay, Allegro, Apartment 3G, Surf Trio, Jan Celt, Best of ’96



Nov 1996November  1996
Heatmiser, Cant Stand The Smell II,  Slackjaw, Ivan’s Wish, Lew Jones


Oct 1996October 1996
Church of the Northwest, Mourning Tuesday, Hummingfish, Nocturne, Nicotine, Red Footed Genius, Tony Starlight


Sept 1996September  1996
Cowboy Angels, Heatmiser, Mark Bosnian, See Jane Run, Chutzpah



Aug 1996August  1996
Duffy Bishop Band, Sylvia’s Ghost, Dimbulb, Hot Rods to Hell, Jigsawmatic



July 1996July  1996
Haymaker, Belmont Street Octet, Richmond Fontaine, Gravelpit/Medicine Sunday, Sweet Baby Onion, Petty Cash, Calvin Walker


June 1996June  1996
Pilot, Torcher, Cheralee Dillon, Sissyface, Svelt, Dweller At The Threshold



May 1996May  1996

Sweaty Nipples, Glass Chunk, Rhythm Jones, Speeding Ferlinghettis, Mourning Tuesday, Forehead, Headland


Apr 1996April  1996
Thrillbilly, Treefrogs, Raging Woodies, Loud Sistah, Phineas Gage, Lloyd Jones, Kate Power



Mar 1996March  1996
Skiploader, Spinanes, Chum, Oswald Five-O Headland, Dub Debrie, Lonesome Taxi



Feb 1996February  1996
Ritsu Katsumoto, Twig, Thistle, The Tranceplants, Shrubbery, Solace, Plaid Pantry Project, Tim Otto



Jan 1996January  1996
Floater, The Shivers,  New Bad Things, Phineas Gage, Mourning Tuesday, Juliet Wyers

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