GBU 2002

December 2002
Lisa and Her Kin, The Illustrations, Flatland

November  2002
Rubberneck, Little Sue, Grooveyard

October 2002
Lew Jones, Kevin Hendrickson, Dr. Theopolis

September  2002
Sleater Kinney

August  2002
Scott Fisher, Assisted Living, Valhere

July  2002
UHF, High Violets, Funk Shui, Dizzy Elmer, No. 3 Breakdown

June  2002
Bella Fayes, Noise For Pretend, The Decemberists

May  2002
John Fahey Trio, Qwee, Godlings, Logos Eye

April  2002
Jeff Trott, Auditory Sculpture, Jon Koonce and the Honky Tonk Trio, Lew Jones, Surf Cowboys, Vickers Spitfire

March  2002
James Angell, Jesus Presley, Richmond Fontaine

February  2002
Kissing Book, The Holidays, Docile

January  2002 
Doris Dodge, Rally Boy, Distracted, Dead Poets Society, Headsope

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