Black ‘N Blue March 3rd, 1982

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Black ‘N Blue at the Orange Peel for another KGON Jam, almost a year after the Movie Stars pics were taken. This is the first incarnation of the band, Jamie St. James is the frontman, Pete Homes is on drums, Patrick Young on bass, Tommy Thayer and Virgil Ripper on guitars.

Black “N Blue’s Pete Homes and Tommy Thayer, April of 1984

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These pics were taken for an interview I did with Tommy and Pete right after they came back from Germany where they recorded their first album with Dieter Dierks in his studio in Stommein, Germany, after signing with Geffen Records. B’N B was Portland’s second band to be signed by the Label.

Black ‘N Blue, April 1987

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Headlining the Mayors Ball in the Memorial Coliseum. The people running the show (PMA, Portland Music Association) tried to cut their set short because of poor time management by the stage manager. The show still ran over.

Black ‘N Blue May 1988

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Black ‘N Blue at the infamous Starry Night again.

The Movie Stars May 17th, 1981

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This is the band that was the precursor to Black ‘N Blue. Jamie St. James was the drummer, Tommy Thayer and Virgil Ripper were the guitarists, Danny Kurth was on bass (Danny had just replaced Todd Jensen) Pete Horne on Keys, and Julian Raymond was the front man/vocalist. These pics were taken at the Pigeon Toed Orange Peel for a KGON Jam.

The Movie Stars May 18th, 1981

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This is the following day down in Salem Oregon at the state fairgrounds. Some big all day festival not sure what it was.

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  1. Great shots of Black N Blue before they were famous. Wow I had no idea that Woop was not the original guitar player with Tommy Thayer. Very cool bit of music history.

  2. Cool shots…love the black and white ones…thanks for sharing some rock history…
    ps…I like that photo viewer thing too…will have to try that sometime for the blog

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