GBU – 1991 – 02

Orphans Reason Steel Spring This nine-cut release does much to show off the exuberant strengths and minute weaknesses Orphans Reason has to offer. Stripped of all pretense and studio-generated illusion, Steel Spring comes across as a working man’s recording-full of

GBU – 1991 – 11

Oh the Turkey season is upon us. And as quickly as the summer has turned to winter—the local music scene has heated up like a log on a fire. This is traditionally a warm and welcome glow through what is otherwise a long, wet and dreary six

GBU – 1991 – 12

Oh, well here ‘tis again, the season to be jolly—and an overt consumer, caught in the trap of buy or be bought. Of course I wish you all season’s greetings, whatever that means. And I hope that all your New Year’s wishes come true. You know, you

GBU – 1992 – 07

Hey, I think I’m the first to mention that this is the 25th Anniversary of the Summer of Love. You remember that don’t you? Well you should. That was the Summer most of you were conceived. Rimshot. Thank you, thank you… No, but seriously folks, have you ever

GBU – 1993 – 03

I’d like to get something straight right off. It’s a very simple matter, when one is availed of the “power” of the printed word, to lob tiny grenades in all directions—feeling perfectly justified  at every turn. Little ego games and furtive battles ensue. And though I

GBU 1991

December  1991 Jim Mesi Band, Here Comes Everybody, Kraft and Nelsen, The Willies, Bondo       November  1991 Worlds Apart compilation: Five bands (Neros Rome, Josephine Ocean Beauty Stab, Alien Sun, Here Comes Everybody), Quarterflash, Curtis Salgado and the

GBU 1992

December  1992 Renegade Saints, King Trout, Gravelpit, The Ultronz, Michael Harrison, Smiling Man     November  1992 I-5 Killers II, Hazel, The Willies, Village Idiot     October 1992 Motorgoat, Silcone Jones, Boogie Patrol Xpress, The Clergy, Justin Stark, Lew Jones

GBU – 1998 – 01

Dead Moon Hard Wired In Ljubljana Empty Records BUY For the past twenty years, the venerable Godparents of Portland Punk, Fred and Toody Cole have held sway over the alternative scene, first with the Rats and for the past decade

GBU – 1998 – 05

Grindstone Grindstone Self-Produced BUY Here’s an enterprising Sludgemetal quartet who offer enough ingenuity and versatility to rise above the mire, while mostly maintaining a characteristically heavy, forebodingly morose mode of operation. Vocalist/guitarist Lamar Stilwell has obviously studied at the Layne

GBU – 1994 – 09

Cheralee Dillon Pool Blah Blah Records BUY Here’s a young woman with a knack for biographical ballads ala  John Prine and enigmatic introspection in the style of Suzanne Vega; who has been garnering much local deserved attention for the past